About Mary Ann

What I love most about my profession is seeing people change their lives and the way they live and feel in this world.  Everyone is inherently capable of doing this, though many don’t know it or believe it.

My approach to psychotherapy is holistic, recognizing that mind, body, and spirit are one, and that all three spheres must be addressed to achieve balance.  Every single thing is connected, yet many individuals live very disconnected lives often feeling they are somehow missing something, or perceive themselves as being on the outside looking in.  This is a very common feeling.  Depression and anxiety, for example, are usually physiological/biological responses to what is going on in the mind. If the mind is creating fearful or stressful thoughts, the body is thereby affected which also pulls the spirit down.  We all know this from personal experience.

I also believe in the healing power of nature.  We are nature yet often live our lives disconnected from the very thing we are part of.  Again, this leads to imbalance and conflict with our true selves.  The deeper our connection to the natural world the happier and healthier we are. Just ask a child.  Fishing, gardening, or sitting around a fire are natural antidepressants and significantly reduce anxiety.

I believe all humans basically want the same thing:  a sense of contentment and inner peace.  It is always within.  This is always where the path is headed.

Discover this truth for yourself through the journey of self-discovery.